Saturday, May 4, 2013

Identify Odd one with Common Balance

Puzzle # 3
There are 9 Eggs available in the basket. Among them only eight eggs are good and one egg is spoiled, because of which spoiled egg got reduced in weight.

How to identify the spoiled egg with the help of common balance? Puzzle isn't over yet these are the conditions while identifying the rotten egg

  • There are no additional weights supplied to measure the egg(s) weight.
  • Only Common balance and 9 egg(s) should be used to identify the spoiled one.
  • Common balance should be used only two times.
  • Solution should be obtained under all probable condition during weighing.

Puzzle Tip :
Try different combinations of weighing the eggs, starting from one....

Approach to Solve puzzle :
  1. If solution not obtained thru 1st combination, go with second
  2. In any probability, rotten egg should be found. In Worst case it takes 2 times to use common balance and in Best case it may takes only 1 time to use common balance.

Solution to Puzzle :
Nothing is impossible.

Still you want to see the solution reach link to see the solution. But, don't give up easily.

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